Many Veterans Still Wait Weeks For Mental Health Care

Domestic Abuse Has Long Term Health Impact, Survey Says

“It is unacceptable that even after the hiring of 1,600 new mental health staff, certain VA facilities remain unable to … treat veterans in a timely manner,” said Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., head of the Senate panel. “Consequences of leaving mental health conditions untreated can be dire. Such failures cannot continue.” “VA must embrace an approach to care delivery that treats veterans where and how they want, rather than where and how VA wants,” said Rep.
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AP Obama Wounded Warriors

Is anyone directly impacted by all this Obamacare talk? If you don’t have insurance or haven’t qualified for insurance in the past, you’ll need to have it by March 31 of next year. If you don’t, you’ll be fined up to 1% of your income or $95, whichever is greater. Obamacare 101: Everything you need to know You can buy a plan from a broker at any time. If you want to buy through the new Obamacare marketplaces , open enrollment stretches through March 31. You’ll only get a tax break/subsidy if you buy a policy through the marketplaces.
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What’s up with Obamacare and my health care?

“I am still terrified of my ex-husband,” Steiner said. “It makes perfect sense that my body is suffering.” Tweet Chat on the Health Impact of Domestic Violence, Today at 1 p.m., ET The research suggests that Steiner is not an isolated example. Once the immediate bruises and broken bones heal, there’s evidence that the majority of the 3 million to 4 million women who report a domestic violence incident each year, according to the American Medical Association, have an exceptionally high rate of health problems. A newly released Verizon Foundation and More magazine survey asked more than 1,000 women about their health and well-being. The 44 percent who identified themselves as survivors of domestic abuse were 20 percent more likely to experience a chronic health condition compared with women who said they’d never been abused.
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